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  • Abstract painting makes us use our imagination, which is part of the reason why I enjoy it.
  • My paintings are a mixture and blend of many colors and textures. There are layers of paint to give it a feeling of depth and motion. 

  • About the Artist: Lifetime resident of Michigan and a Northville HS graduate, Shelly Goehmann is new to the local artist community.  

    Being invited to show her work at Starring “The Gallery” was unexpected, as Shelly is entirely self taught and her art has been her own personal creative adventure. Her artistic style was realism at first, experimenting with charcoal and watercolors.  She was then drawn to acrylics, which offered her exciting new depths of color and endless possibilities.These possibilities led her to find that her real passion was in creating abstract art. 

    The unpredictable nature of abstract creativity captivates her, she says, and pulls her into a sort of meditative state. The mystery of not knowing what will happen next has the power to hold her attention for long stretches of time.

    She is delighted to be able to now share her art work with others. “Abstract art,” she says, “is not unlike cloud-gazing - each person may see something different; from the whimsical to a wordless emotion. And, sometimes, if you’re really lucky, it feeds the soul.”


  • Flowtographic Floral Photography

  • Kelly's paintings are created using acrylic and textures paint with some of them embellished with medallions, pearls and dried flowers.

  •  I have found great passion in creating the colors and textures which eventually bloom into a bold, vibrant flower.  Being inspired by vivid colors and dimensional texture, flowers provide a beautiful palette for me to explore.  Read more.