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First Friday Experience

10/06/2017 - 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Starring "The Gallery"




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The First Friday of each month downtown Northville celebrates the arts with their long running First Friday Experience.  You’ll find something new each month as many of the town’s galleries and boutiques stay open late with special guests, trunk shows, music and their newest merchandise. 

Starring “The Gallery” hosts an artist reception each month.  Some of our artists have exhibited with us in the past and others will be exhibiting with us for the first time – each showcasing their newest pieces in their own unique style. Each artist will be available to answer questions and their artwork will be on display and available for purchase throughout the remainder of the month. 

Artists, hors d'oeuvres, shopping, music and good friends - Experience it all at Starring “The Gallery” during the First Friday Experience. 


O C T O B E R  6, 2017 @

 Featured Artist: Julia Dufault McGrath

Featured Musicians: Sheila Landis & Rick Matle

Artist Reception: 6:00pm - 9:00pm


Julia Dufault McGrath

Artist Bio: Art has always been a part of my life. As a young child I remember pouring through pages of the works of Michelangelo, over and over, marveling at the paintings of the "Sistine Chapel" and his exquisite marbles. Seeing the Sistine Chapel in person after studying it for so many years was a moving experience I will never forget.

I doodled, drew and painted with markers or colored pencils. My Grandfather was a designer for General Motors and he had hundreds of markers in every color imaginable. It was a great treat for me to use them. Then, one year under the Christmas Tree, I found my first set of brushes, paints and palette in a beautiful wooden box!

While attending University with the intent of getting a degree in Art History and traveling to Europe several times, my eyes and heart were opened to the vast world of inspiring and beautiful art.  I realized that I didn't just want to learn about art, my strong desire was to be an active participant and create art myself. Witnessing history, myths, stories and the everyday lives of people recorded in paint and brush was a catalyst for my desire to paint and to be a part of that world. I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in painting and a minor in Art History, which satisfied both my intellectual and creative needs.



Woman of Sa Dec, American Seeker

My early years of painting were in oil, but later, while carrying my first child, I started my work in watercolors. What a challenge! My whole thinking process had to change! Everything seemed backwards. I had to learn how to control the water and accept what it and the pigment decided to do when they married on paper. Watercolor quickly became my favorite medium. I find it to be so unalterable, spontaneous and fresh! I never use "white" paint, I am a purist in that sense, and so the white in my paintings is always the "white" of the paper. What I put down is what you get and there is not turning back. Watercolor is such a direct and honest way to paint.

I am happiest when painting. With jazz or classical music in the background, I let myself slip into a zone where there is nothing but me, the brush and the paint before me. Mixing colors is akin to playing in the sand box or building sand castles on the beach. True joy.

Dining on the Bay, Beach Baby, Moored Sailboat

Sadly, I lost my father suddenly in September of 2013 and I went through a long phase of a horrible creative block. To get out of it, I began experimenting with different mediums as a way to “ignite” the creative energy that was laying – paralyzed, inside of me. In this experimenting with mixed media, collage, oil painting and acrylics, the creative “block” is getting smaller and I am finding that creative path again.  Thank God!

Macinac Island Hollyhocks, Miss Holly, Red Yellow Blue

For my watercolor painting, I begin with a drawing and transfer it to the watercolor paper, then start applying subtle washes, mapping out key areas of color, mixing color and sometimes not.  Sometimes, it’s most called for to lay a wash of pure pigment from the tube over another color to make it sing! 

Los Cincos, The Games of Boys and Men, Classy Vic

I love subject matter with strong contrasts, vibrant colors and deep beautiful shadows most. An image or subject that has those qualities is what I am drawn to paint. Color and shadows, especially the shadows!  There is so much subtle beauty in them. It is a gift to be able to look deeply into what "appears" to be on the surface and what you "think" is there, and really "see" its glory. My job as an artist is to transfer what I see, how I see and how I feel from my hand, paint and brush, back to you, and in doing so bring you visual pleasure.


Please visit JuliasWatercolors for additional images of Julia's paintings and a listing of her awards and exhibits.

LuLaRoe Pop Up Party

It's one more great thing going on at Starring "The Gallery" during Northville's First Friday ExperienceLuLaRoe representive Melissa Towner will be in house to help with your selections from this great line of comfortable clothing.

LuLaRoe is a clothing company that makes soft, comfortable clothing in 24 different styles including shirts, skirts, dresses, kimonos/sweaters, leggings and kids clothes including the LuLaRoe Disney line. Choose from cottons, poly blends, rayon blends, chiffon, satin and more.  

At the party you'll have the opportunity to select from about 1000 clothing pieces.  There are no catalogs and no special orders. Just have fun shopping and take your purchases with you.





Sheila Landis & Rick Matle.

Please welcome back the jazz duo of Sheila Landis & Rick Matle.

Jazz vocalist Sheila Landis has been performing her soulful interpretations of jazz and blues since 1973. A turning point in her career was the 1981 release of her debut vinyl LP "Jazz Rendezvous" in her own label, SheLan Records. Landis teamed up with 7-string guitarist Rick Matle in 1991, sensing a kindred musical spirit. Together Landis and Matle continue to explore jazz balladry, swing, bebop, blues, poetic excursions, Brazilian rhythms, funk, pop and their own inventive collaborations at every performance; elegant, yet edgy. Matle, a 1986 Oakland University Music Performance Graduate, combines a rocker's bravado with the jazzman's sensitivity to provide a buoyant springboard from which Landis launches her melodic flights, earning her the accolade of "Outstanding Jazz Vocalist" seven times, as bestowed by the Detroit Music Awards.

Sheila & Rick will return for our November 3rd and December 1st First Friday Experiences.