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About Our Artists


In a high school art class called “Fibers,” I learned techniques associated with several fiber arts of the times, including macramé, batik, and stitching on burlap. However, weaving was the form of fiber art that class introduced me to that fascinated me; there was just something about creating cloth on the loom that had me “warped” for life. Fortunately, I was able to immediately pursue the interest as a senior in high school via two semesters of weaving independent study. My passion in weaving continued in my higher education endeavors, as I attended the University of Wisconsin in the BFA program for two years and subsequently transferred to the University of Maryland, where I received an undergraduate degree in art education and a minor in weaving.

Currently, my interest in weaving involves working with and changing the structure of weaves. I enjoy the challenge of combining color with structure, especially the gradual blending from one color to another. I continue to study in guilds and to perfect the techniques I learn in the workshops I take to keep my weaving fresh. I work a lot in a technique that I call “Re-Fabrications,” taking woven print material, cutting it into strips and weaving them back in order which compresses the designs. I then create articles of clothing with the yardage that I weave. I also teach workshops on various weaving topics from basic drafting to complex weave structures to weaving guilds.

Stacy Beyer - Glass

Artist Bio:“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” I love this quote by Picasso! It’s amazing to me how relaxed I feel when I am creating one of my windows or other works of art.

I’m a scavenger! I grew up in Michigan into a family that loved to go to garage sales and flea markets. My mother had it figured out early on as to how to survive with a family of five children, turning what was old into something new. This is where my story begins, the short version . . . I received the repurposing bug from her. I also grew up enjoying drawing and working with many types of media since I was a child. Then I discovered old windows that I could refurbish with glass/crystal ware. Next came piecing together those items to tell a story. Here I am today with whatever I can scavenge beautifully to share with others.

My windows of “Inspiration” often start out with one theme in mind and end up completely different than intended. That’s actually the best part as I sometimes add vintage hardware or keys or stamped versus and pictures. I’ve noticed that if my project is not coming together I am careful to let it rest for a while and come back to it later. What I do is very similar to putting together a complex puzzle. Nonetheless, I seek to re-purpose, re-furbish, re-use what is already there ideally.

The good news is that I can incorporate my customer’s special pieces so that you can continue to share familial moments. An example of this is in the crosses I’ve created for the families of Detroit Catholic Central High School. Those families of students now have a keepsake of their experiences at that establishment. I’ve also experimented with creating small glass wall hangings, again using repurposed materials. I’m having a great time watching my art evolve and hope that you enjoy it too!

Artist Bio: I remember taking my first ceramics class in high school and being instantly enthralled with the medium.  It amazed me how malleable and plastic clay was and that I could make basically anything I wanted with it.  I loved the quiet, meditative process of working with my hands and being creative.  So I decided to study Fine Art with a ceramics concentration at Michigan State University.  There I also became interested in painting and photography, discovering a whole new world of creativity that I didn’t know much about and never knew I had.  After spending a few years in the design field, I felt this inner nudge to work with clay again realizing this was my passion.  So in 2008, I decided to move to northern Michigan where I felt I could pursue my artistic endeavors.  It’s been a journey getting to this point in my life, but I know that I have to stay true to who I am and what makes me come alive.  For me, that is working creatively with my hands.  So I’ve decided to take the risk and pursue what I love to do full time.

Anthony is a resident of E. Lansing who was diagnosed with autism at age 2. With the help of his school & family, he created a business that features his incredible drawings. Art of Autism has become a means for Anthony to do what he loves while establishing his independence. We carry a large selection of cards designed by Anthony for many occasions.

Kathleen Chaney Fritz - Paintings

Artist Bio: Kathleen Chaney Fritz paints a portrait of America. From the coast of Maine, to the dunes of the Great Lakes, to the beaches of Carmel, California, Chaney Fritz captures an essential spirit of the nation. Her original paintings and fine art giclée’s are in private and corporate collections throughout the country. Chaney Fritz works from her studio nestled in the woods of historic Ada, Michigan. Waterfront Publishing, run by her husband, John, occupies an adjoining space where her work is printed into hi-resolution fine art giclée reproductions.

Chaney Fritz is constantly challenging herself with new genre. She refuses to be classified by a single style or subject matter, but one thing is always constant, her penchant for perfection.

Rose Giacherio - Jewelry

Artist Bio: My three exciting hobbies are jewelry, nature and antiques. I decided to combine these interests in an exciting new venture into making jewelry! I use wire, metal, and amazing beads with vintage findings.

I search antique malls and sales for interesting treasures, from tins to pins to single earrings, and more. I travel out west in search of fabulous beads, crystals, stones and fossils to use as well. Hope you enjoy my designs!

Bellaboxes has been creating works of functional beauty since 1995. Custom jewelry boxes, photo boxes, boxes to hold cherished things, wedding boxes and an entire line of hand sewn photo albums are available to purchase or special order. Each unique handcrafted item is created in my studio using art papers, fine fabrics, and many include bead work, gem stones, relics, love & whimsy.  Enjoy. (

Artist Statement: The process of creation is divine. First there was darkness and then there was light. Something was created from nothing…birthing life. My artwork is an ongoing revelation of this divine process with the intent of transforming a space into a visually inspiring experience. My desire is that the viewer would have a connection with the art through one or more of their senses, emotions or intellect and truly experience peace, hope and inspiration. My art is comprised of several collections: the Signature, Hybrid, Resin and Textile Collections.

Loraine Hodgson - Paintings

Artist Statement: My paintings are a mix of child’s play and unusual watercolor techniques. “I love children’s toys and the memories of summer fun.” God’s light and His creation are my motivation to bring healing, peace, and joy where things are gray… and hope, where it is absent. “I hope people want to jump into my paintings like jumping into a puddle!”

"I intend for my paintings to be an intimate experience about honesty, relationships, and a little flirtation. I hope they encourage you to live your life in balance, and without pretense. My intention is that the paintings will be like an old friend saying hello to you every morning, or accompany you while you cook or get ready for bed or....


I earned my BFA from Wayne State University and my MFA from the University of Illinois in printmaking. I live in Livonia where I paint and teach watercolor.

Please live life like a picnic."




Toni Johnstone - Paintings

Artist Bio: I believe that two dimensional art should be “seen and not heard”.  All art exists as an expression of the unspoken.  If there were words to completely express multi-layered art works then the artist would write a song or a book instead of putting it on canvas or paper.

Often I have been asked, “What is this about?” or “What were you thinking?”  I am an unconscious painter and in a transcendental state for the most part when I paint.  I paint because I have learned to rely on the creative force, its wisdom, and its guidance.  I do this thankfully instead of consciously searching and struggling for words which do not really exist in this dimension.  If I find words, I recognize that they are incomplete and they move me into a completely different level of truth whereby I find myself “babbling on” long after a person has lost interest in what I am saying or trying to say.  At best, I can only skirt around the surface of our limited reality with words.

The moral to this story is:  Please don’t ask me to tell you about my paintings.  Instead, look within them to find that universal language that we all can and do communicate with.  Whatever you are seeing or feeling is probably there.  Trust yourself.  Look at my artwork and listen visually with your mind or your third eye because it is that vision which is projected outward from me to my audience.  “With love from me to you.”

Toni Johnstone

Artist Bio: I am a Mendocino County jeweler working mainly in silver, semi-precious stones, and pearls. My style ranges from the traditional to the modern, and is completely unique. All of my pieces are individually handmade, and are therefore one-of-a-kind or in small series with repeating motifs.

I define jewelry as creations, which are useful, artistic, symbolic, identifying, and an expression of personal ideas. In my earring line some of the motifs I use are leaves, birds, and windows. When these elements and others are integrated into a piece they can represent new beginnings, changes, hope, and further growth in one’s self. The materials that I enjoy using most are sterling silver, copper, gold, pearls, and semiprecious stones. My intention for each one-of-a-kind piece are that it is clean looking, distinctive, and artistically rendered.

The pieces with the Asian like faces are inspired by the feminine, graceful, and romantic scenes of the Ukiyo-E period of Japanese art. The piece, "Unmentionables", has different faces, all expressions of surprise, serenity, wonder, and ecstasy. On the back of the piece there are hidden hand cut flowers, roller printed leaf patterns, and scenes of paired lovers. Ukiyo-E, or images of the floating world, were representations of the everyday life of Japan in the 16th through the 19th centuries. This piece brings together my own interest in the expressive power of faces, while exploring the serenity and grace of the everyday in my own time.

Peggy Karr - Glass

Each piece of Peggy Karr Glass is hand-decorated fused glass designed and created in their studios in New Jersey. There are designs that compliment every style of home décor and each piece is food-safe, dishwasher friendly, and safe for microwave warming.

Northville artist Melissa Meadows creates incredible abstract paintings and umbrella art.  This self-taught artist was inspired by her artist mother.  Melissa began paintings as a way to express emotions.  The abstract paintings are expressions of depression, joy, peace, and completely led by God.  In 2014 she began to share her art with the world, showing and selling art in museums and galleries and creating custom pieces for clients.  Her paintings are printed onto umbrellas to brighten a rainy day or provide shade.


About the Artist: I have studied art for over twenty years. I have studied at the Center for Creative Studies, Birmingham/Bloomfield Art Association, Grosse Pointe Art Association, Schoolcraft Community College, the Ann Arbor Art Association, The School of Light and Color, Cape Cod School of Art, and the Oxbow Summer Institute.

The artists below have been influential in my skill development: 

Nancy Prophet; Robert Maniscalco (Maniscalco Gallery of Fine Art); George Brown (Lion House Studio); Lois Griffel (Director of the Cape Code School of Art); Ried Galey (Minnetonka, MN); Susan Sarback (The School of Light and Color); Dawn Stafford (Oxbow Summer Institute); Leslie Masters; Micael Chesley Johnson (Canadian Maritimes); Jane Robinson, Abstract Fine Art Painter; Robert Burridge, Abstract Fine Art Painter; Sterling Edwards, Abstract Fine Art Painter; Joe DiGiulio, Abstract Fine Art Painter; Leslie Saeta, Abstract Fine Art Painter; Lisa Broadwine, Cold Wax Painter; Nancy Hillis, Abstract Fine Art Painter; Katherine Aimone, Abstract Fine Art Painter

I am a member of the BBAC/Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center, SOAA/South Oakland Art Association, Scarab Club, Michigan Plein Air Painters, VAAL/Visual Arts Association of Livonia, Ann Arbor Women’s Art Association, Detroit Society of Women Painters and Sculptures.


My paintings have been on display at:

Starring “The Gallery”

Chelsea River Gallery/Rackham Graduate School, Ann Arbor, MI (2)

Affirmations: Pittman-Puckett Gallery, Ferndale, MI (2) 

Wyandotte Council for the Arts, Wyandotte, MI

The Loft, Mt. Clemons, MI

The Anton Gallery, Mt. Clemons, MI 

The Gallery of Royal Oak, Royal Oak, MI

Art Prize, Grand Rapids, MI

Royal Oak Library, Royal Oak, MI

Saugatuck Artist Collective, Saugatuck, MI

Aubergine Gallery, Milford, MI

Weber's, Livonia, MI

Sheri Munce – The artist known as “She”

Sheri Munce is a Williamston, MI artist specializing in reverse painting on glass.  Her abstract style uses compelling story telling and whimsical imagery to produce one-of-a-kind original art that moves the soul.  Her original pieces are on display in unique venues and private collections around the U.S.

Sheri has found the need to separate “the ego” from her creation process in order to let the divine creativity flow through her.  As an outward sign of this, Sheri has dropped the “ri” in her artist signature and now signs her work as “She”.  To quote one of the great minds of our time, Joseph Campbell, She is “following her bliss” for her own fulfillment and the enjoyment of those who appreciate her creations.

Patsy Pastoria - Jewelry

Artist Bio: I live in Harper Woods, Michigan.  I am a Certified PMC Artisan and have been creating PMC jewelry since 2006.

Precious metal clay is soft clay that can be sculpted, etched or molded.  Each piece is unique, one-of-a-kind, and has its own distinct personality.

My hope is that my designs will speak to the heart of the wearer and become treasured pieces.

Charlie Patricolo - Dolls

Charlie Patricolo is a doll maker with experiences in the mountains of Western North Carolina and now living in southeast Michigan. Charlie has been making dolls for over forty years and seriously for the past 16. Her sole purpose for this work is to spread smiles and joy.

Rosa Paulus - Paintings

Artist Bio: My interest in art began years ago. Being of Italian heritage, there was always music and art in our home. My parents were both immigrants from Italy. They came to this country with very little and made a wonderful life for themselves and for our family. Our Italian culture is a proud part of my life.

Drawing and playing the piano were my passions. Early in my adult life, I attained my goal of being a professional pianist. It is a career that I enjoy today.  Exploring my artistic abilities in watercolor came later in my life. I am enjoying this new adventure. My art is inspired by my Italian culture, my travels, my music, and my instructors.

I am a member of the Visual Arts Association of Livonia, the Farmington Art Foundation, the Great Lakes Pastel Society and The Village Artists.

Indrani Roy - Stroke Painting

Artist Bio:  I have been painting since the age of five and have had eleven years of private training in pastel and water color from two very renowned oil and pastel artists in India.

My work concentrates on One-Stroke Painting on glass, ceramic and wood.  I have trained myself in the art of one-stroke painting through books and practice.  I paint on wine, whiskey, beer, and champagne glasses, regular water glasses, vases, bakeware, serving ware, centerpieces and all types of wooden furniture.  I have also paintd on champagne flutes for couples at weddings.  The paints I use are dishwasher and oven safe.  They are baked and are permanent, so my designs on any surface are permanent.

Jan Waller - Felting

Artist Bio: I originally trained as a sculptor at Loughborough College of Art and Design in the UK and taught art in the secondary school system for ten years. A day felting course with Gillian Harris "GillianGladRag" as she is commonly known introduced me to the wonderful and addictive world of wet felting and I was hooked. I started as a crafter, producing handmade felt accessories but in recent years I have concentrated on wall hangings. I am influenced by folk art, fairy tales, and womanhood. In addition to my images of nature I like to explore themes of love, loss and home.

I am a member of the Ann Arbor Fiberarts Guild and the League of Michigan Handweavers. I am very excited to be an entrant in this year's ArtPrize in Grand Rapids. My piece "The Washing Line" will incorporate a large felted wall hanging and a felted "washing line" pegged with felted, embroidered letters of love.


Artist Bio: Born and raised in Michigan, I have lived in Highland, MI for the last nine years.

I was laid off for two years and have always wanted to explore my artistic side. My husband was very supportive. I went and bought many items to make the ideas in my head a reality. I have always loved abstract framed art and things that are very different, and one-of-a-kind. I use pearls, dried flowers, rhinestones, ink, and acrylic paints to make my 2-D mixed media framed art. I started sharing my art with the public in April 2011. I have been told my art is very different and unique. That makes me so happy because I am so passionate about making each piece and sharing it. I am a self-taught artist and have not had any classes. It is all personal and within.

After doing my framed art I started wire wrapping wine glasses and from there tried to make a pendant for myself. I received so many compliments I decided to make a collection of wire wrapped pendants, earrings, pins, and rings. Each piece is unique. I feel jewelry is an artful expression of one’s self. I feel fortunate to make something that is such a part of me while bringing enjoyment to others for themselves or as a special gift. Thank you for letting me share my story.

“Where dreams linger, flowers bloom.”


Artist Statement: As a freelance writer, I've written mostly about people and places throughout our wonderful state of Michigan.  My interest in photography emerged as a natural outgrouth of my writing, allowing me to tell stories through both media.  Through my images I like to convey a range of feelings - from calmness and serenity to power and drama.  I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I do taking them!

For subjects, I enjoy taking urban and landscape images.  Detroit's urban cityscape offers many opportunities for the enterprising photographer.  Unlike many of my peers, I choose not to shoot derelict or abandon buildings.  While I realize the city contains scenes both glamorous and repugnant-and do not deny the concrete reality of either-my desire is to present images which are uplifting, informative and offer a view of Detroit often overlooked.

The rugged beauty of rural Michigan (particularly the Upper Peninsula) provides endless opportunities for appreciating our state's natural allure.  My goal is to capture and share tastes of these irreplaceable treasures.

I'm a member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors.  Follow me on Twitter-@paulvachon.

Anna Maria Wagner - Pottery

Artist Profile: Although I utilize a variety of techniques in making my pottery, wheel throwing brings me the most joy. Having the moist clay slip through my fingers creates a tactile escape like no other. Your senses are consumed, your soul nourished, your mind soothed. I enjoy making pieces that are both useful and beautiful. It honors me to have people invite them into their homes.

Shadia Zayed

Artist Bio: Shadia’s most recent work draws more inspiration from color and texture than distinct subject matters, with her objective to imbue her canvasses with a sense of emotion. Through the intricate texture and vibrant color in her pieces, Shadia aims to create a visceral response in the viewer; with the hope that the viewer may connect with them emotionally rather than through conscious, deliberate effort. In this way, viewers create their own interpretations through this initial connection, and the narrative of the piece becomes secondary.